John McGuinness Circles The Isle Of Man TT Zero In Record Time


In just 19 minutes and 17.3 seconds, John McGuinness raced 37.7 miles around the Isle of Man at an average speed of 117.366 MPH on his Mugen electric motorcycle. It’s the first time an electric motorcycle has completed the Snaefell Mountain course in under 20 minutes, and beats out last year’s TT Zero record by some 7 MPH.

Riding a modified Mugen Shinden Sari, McGuiness and teammate Bruce Antsey dominated the annual running of the TT Zero, an electric version of the famous island race that has captivated audiences and island dwellers for decades. The victory also marks the end of MotoCzysz’s four-year domination of the zero emissions motorcycle race, With McGuiness easily grabbing first place, followed by teammate Antsey, the battle for third place came down to Ohio State’s Buckeye Current, and the newly-resurrected Saroléa to battle for third place. Ultimately, Ohio State’s Rob Barber managed to edge out the Saroléa team by just .37 seconds. You couldn’t finish any closer if you tried.

The TT Zero has become one of the most-watched contests of electric motorsports, and it was a real pioneer in bringing zero emissions racing to the masses. With upcoming racing series like Formula E giving electric vehicles an even bigger venue to showcase their strengths, its important to remember that a decade ago, there was no such thing as the TT Zero, or even electric motorcycles.

In 2010, when MotoCzysz won its first race, the record stood at just 96.8 MPH. With McGuiness setting the outright lap and speed record last year, he’s managed to close the gap between his own records in little time. At this pace, it won’t be much longer before an electric motorcycle outpaces all the gas competitors.

It already happened at Pikes Peak, and the Isle of Man could be next.

Source: Isle of Man TT Zero


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