Mercedes Reminds Us They’re Also Working On Autonomous Cars

Google stole all the headlines last week with the announcement of its autonomous car concept. While the technology is impressive, the prototype looks very much like the Cyclops cartoon car penned by Stan Mott featured for many years in the pages of Road & Track.

Mercedes wants everyone to know they’re taking the whole autonomous car thing seriously, and they are doing it with their top of the line S Class sedan, not some geeky, goofy clown-mobile. The Mercedes S500 Intelligent Drive recently completed the world’ first autonomous road trip from Mannheim to Pfortzheim, 60 miles away. Bertha Benz drove the same route 125 years ago, becoming the first person ever to complete such a long journey by automobile. Mercedes expects its first production model to be ready in 2020, about the same time as Nissan expects to bring its own autonomous model to market.

But before the autonomous revolution comes to your home town, someone is going to have to create the infinitely complex road maps needed to guide these cars from Point A to Point B. That task may be more daunting than building autonomous cars in the first place, though that’s where Google may have an advantage over Mercedes. One thing is for certain. Someone needs to come up with a short hand way of saying “autonomous vehicle.” Why not call them AV’s for short? Hmmmm…..I wonder if I can copyright that? You read it here first folks. Source: Mercedes

Steve Hanley

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