Chinese Farmer Spends Decade Developing Suitcase Scooter

ScootCase 2

A Chinese farmer out of the Hunan Province has spent ten years turning his suitcase into a motorized scooter. No longer must we carry our suitcases to the check-in counter, or wait in line at the rental car agency. Lack an official name at the moment, I’m going to be calling it the “ScootCase”.

He Liangcai has installed a motor, three wheels, and a handlebar with braking and acceleration controls to a typical looking suitcase. A beefed up interior structure supports the operators body weight, though Liangcai’s physical appearance doesn’t look to be putting too much strain on the suitcase. Let’s see what happens when a typical America gives the ScootCase scooter a whirl.

Liangcai claims that the retrofit kit only adds 15lbs to the overall weight (of the suitcase?) while leaving about as much packing room as the original Skootcase. While the thought of embarrassing your family and traveling in the dignity-free zone at 20kph (up to 60km) may sound intriguing, keep in mind that now you may not be able to fit everything in one bag on your next vacation. Extra bags can cost $50 or more with overweight bags, i.e. bags with built-in scooters, bringing in additional fees. It’s still cheaper than a rental car though.

Lack of dignity aside, Liangcai hopes to profit from these “cash cows” and has already applied for his patent to do so. Would you surrender your dignity for a suitcase you could drive?


ScootCase 3

Source: Technologic Vehicles

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