Video: Jaguar Builds An Aerodynamic Tour de France Race Bike

Iconic British automaker Jaguar has turned in its tea cups for baguettes with its latest project, a proper Tour de France racing bike. Jaguar has upped its sponsorship of Tour de France racing outfit Team Sky, from providing support vehicles to designing and building a cutting-edge performance bicycle.

Jaguar’s sponsorship of Team Sky, which has won the Tour De France the past two years, had been limited to providing funds and support vehicles. In an age where automakers are moving beyond building automobiles though, Jaguar took the not-unprecedented step of building its own brand of bicycle. Jaguar approached frame builder Pinarello, taking a stock Dogma 65.1 racing bicycle and basically reshaping the whole thing to Jaguar’s vision of an even more aerodynamic bicycle.


Engineers managed to make their new Jaguar-branded bicycle a whopping 26.1% more aerodynamic than the standard Dogma 65.1 after extensive computer and wind tunnel testing. Finally, they christened it the Dogma F8. This next-level bicycle could give Team Sky an insurmountable advantage at the next Tour de France…and could mark Jaguar’s entry into an entirely different market.

Other automakers like Ford and Smart haven’t been shy about embracing pedal power, but could a true luxury brand like Jaguar make the transition?

So far, so good.

Source: Jaguar

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