The Volkswagen Amarok Power Brings The Noise


This one-off Volkswagen Amarok concept, dubbed the Amarok Power, is equipped to pop ear drums and boners alike with its secret party-starting present. Built for the Worthersee Tuning Festival (a.k.a. the largest Volkswagen get-together in the world), the Amarok Power is adorned with Gunmetal and orange accents outside, but hides a 5,000 watt “portable” sound system in its bed.

Conveniently packed away in the single-cab Amarok’s 232.3 inch cargo bay is what is claimed to be “one of the loudest portable sound systems ever built”. A fully functional DJ station really, the Power is complete with Void Acoustics speakers/subwoofer, MC2 amps, an Allen & Heath Xone:92 mixer and some random components tossed in by Pioneer. Don’t start making your playlist yet, though, as Volkswagen has already put the kibosh on this outrageous feature for the production model.

Not to be out done by other companies pimped-out offerings, like the 2014 Ford F150 Tremor, the Amarok Power enters the ring swinging with its 22-inch Gunmetal alloys. A dash of chrome around the bi-xenon headlights and dual exhaust adds a subtle gleam while the Dynamic Grey paint job incorporates micro-glass flakes to complement its flat metal appearance with a smidgen of shine. The orange and grey theme continues inside this all-around loud ute with the Nappa bucket seats, Alcantara steering wheel, and dash panels covered in black leather outlined with thick-yet-modest accents.

Unfortunately for those of us stateside, the Amarok is unavailable in the Power configuration, or any other for that matter since the Amarok is not available here. Australia, New Zealand, South America and ,of course, those buggers over in Europe may all get the chance to buy the Volkswagen Amarok Power.

How lucky they are, as many consumers looking for a small diesel pickup elsewhere would find the Amarok to be the right riff for their garage band dreams.



Amarok Power Front Driver

Amarok Power Back Driver

Source: Auto Express

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