The Ford Troller T4 Is A Basic Bronco For Brazil

Troller T4

See this? It’s the Ford Troller T4, and it’s a diesel-powered Ford Bronco by another name that will be sold exclusively in Brazil. That’s a real shame, because the this modern version of the Ford Bronco could corner the market on ruggedly simple SUVs here in America.

While the name may lack the bite of the Bronco name, the Ford Troller T4 boasts a 3.2 liter turbodiesel paired to a six-speed manual transmission. This is the same five-cylinder engine fitted to the upcoming Ford Transit van, which means power should be around 197 horsepower and up to 347 ft-lbs of torque. Fitted with four-wheel drive, heavy-duty axles, a sway bar disconnect, and a high-mounted air intake, the Troller definitely has the off-roading crowd in mind. However, the LED taillights are a definite nod towards the 21st century, . The same could be said of the two-part “sky roof” sunroof, which may not be as cool as the Bronco’s removable top, but is still a decent alternative.

With the potential for a Jeep Wrangler diesel down the line, I’m willing to hold out hope that the Ford Troller T4 could come to America under the “One Ford” unification plan. But I won’t hold my breathe, because Ford seems to still need convincing that there’s a market for smaller diesel trucks and SUVs.

You can’t see it, but count me among the “hand raisers” for a the Ford Troller T4. Heck, I’d even take one with EcoBoost power…though diesel is still where it’s at if you’re a torque lover like me.

Troller T4

Troller T4

Source: AutoEvolution

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