Madman Builds Twin-engine Jet Bike (w/ Video)

This is Robert Maddox’ bicycle. Unlike my bicycle, or, probably your bicycle, it’s fitted with a pair of incredibly powerful pulse-jet engines that can take it all the way up to … well, faster than you can pedal, anyway.

Maybe even faster than this.

Perhaps more interesting than the jet bike, however, is the fact that Maddox’ day job appears to be building jet-powered go fast things on 2, 3, or 4 wheels. And, really, you get the sense that he’d strap a jet engine (or two) to a unicycle if he could figure out a way to keep the thing vertical at speed. You can check out his fab shop over at, and read his own take on the jet jet bike, below. Enjoy!

In this video I’m out in the desert east of Klamath Falls, Oreon and making a long run up a 6 percent grade with a new twin engine board track racer (I run up hill so I can coast back down) This was a real thrill ride I can tell you! It was a very rough road and was a must to hang on, it wanted to get a little wobbly.


Source | Images: Robert Maddox.

Jo Borrás

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