All McLaren Production Cars Will be Hybrids by 2025

McLaren P1

McLaren already makes a hybrid super car, the million-dollar (plus!), 900 HP McLaren P1. But McLaren’s not stopping there. The company’s CEO, Mike Flewitt, recently told Edmunds that hybrid power trains will feature heavily in the cars the company brings to market in the near future.

McLaren has plans to unveil a new “entry level” model, tentatively named the P13, at the Geneva Auto Show next March. While the P13 might not have the neck stretching performance envelope of the P1, it will still be an exhilarating drive on the level of a Porsche Turbo or V8 Ferrari, and should cost considerably less than its brawnier, P1 brother. According to Flewitt, all of McLaren’s new models will feature hybrid power trains, although nothing has been said about whether they’ll have “pure” EV modes or PHEV capabilities.

McLaren’s development of hybrid technology and controls in Formula 1, and its collaboration with Honda (another leader in hybrid performance), should allow the lessons it learns from racing to improve its production cars – which is good for McLaren, especially if they want to keep selling cars in London and Beijing (two massively important markets for the fledgling super car maker).

Here’s hoping McLaren keeps showing the rest of the world the way.


Source: Edmunds, via AutoBlog.

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