Don Panoz Ruins The DeltaWing With This Hideious Concept

deltawing road car awful

When you think of cutting-edge race car technology trickling down to the road cars you see every day, you probably picture something sleek like the LaFerrari hybrid super car, or menacing like the 900+ HP McLaren P1. Unless you’re a sick and twisted weird, however, you probably don’t picture a bulbous, phallic monstrosity like the Don Panoz-driven, 4-passenger, street-legal DeltaWing sedan monstrosity shown, above.

Don Panoz, of course, was the guy who wrote the DeltaWing Racing team a big check back in 2013. Just before alienating the team’s sponsors, ditching Nissan power in favor of a 1.9 liter “Elan” (read: Mazda) engine, and apparently upsetting the status quo enough that Ben Bowlby, originator of the DeltaWing concept, jumped ship to Nissan. Panoz, in a move so classy that I’d need both Paris Hilton and the entire cast of Jersey Shore to reproduce it in all its glory, proceeded to sue the talented Mr. Bowlby for taking the most valuable thing at DeltaWing Racing (namely, his big, Bowlby brain) with him when he left.

Once at Nissan, Bowlby led the development of the impossibly clever Nissan ZEOD RC hybrid LeMans racer and Nissan’s own road-going DeltaWing concept, the BladeGlider. The BladeGlider, by the way, looks like this …

nissan bladeglider

… while the ZEOD RD looks like this …


… both of which, you might notice, actually look good. Or, racy, at least.

Now, compare that to Panoz’ road car. That rendering/concept seems to represent the best that a guy who bought an idea (as opposed to the guy who, you know, actually had the idea) could come up with. Being what it is, it’s no surprise that the end result is, in my opinion, hideous, sub-par, and, well – you know what it looks like. I mean, I don’t need to spell it out for you, do I?

Source | Photos: DeltaWing / Panoz, via Motorsport. Nissan.

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