Video: Formula E is the Future of Motorsports

In a few short months, the first-ever Formula E race will quietly race around Beijing “Bird’s Nest” Olympic stadium. X-Car caught up with some of the big players in Formula E to talk more about this futuristic motorsport, and how it could dramatically affect the world of electric cars.

The CEO of Formula E, Alejandro Agag says that he feels the most important aspect of motorsports is its relevancy to the world in general. While electric cars are gaining in popularity,there are still plenty of haters who think every electric car is either really slow, has too little range to be useful, or is impossibly expensive.

While Formula E may not dispel the notion that EVs are costly, the Spark-Renault SRT_01E will serve as something of a development platform where new technologies will “trickle down” to passenger automobiles. Many technologies we take for granted in even the most economical of economy cars, like disc brakes and fuel injection, were developed and fine-tuned in motorsports.

While the first season of Formula E will see all the teams using the same race car, going forward into future season, teams like Drayson and Andretti are already working on electric race cars of their own design. The breakthroughs made by these racing teams could help launch a new era of not just zero emissions racing, but zero emissions driving the world over.

Source: X-CAR

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