Recycled Hawtness: Suzuki Samauri Repurposed As Dune Buggy


What would you do if you had a beat up old Suzuki Samurai and a discarded dune buggy body laying around? Why naturally, you would smoosh them together and make a really cool car in the Myers Manx tradition. The result is a match made in heaven, one of those times when the whole is greater than the sum of the parts…assuming you have the skill and the hundreds of hours needed to bring such a project to a successful conclusion.

The Samurai Buggy features 4 Tuner FX seats and a massive roll cage to protect the passengers in case the driver gets too exuberant behind the wheel. The buggy was pressed into service at Gingerman raceway in Michigan recently for a 24 Hours of Lemons event,  where it served as the “official car” for the judges. Which is fitting, since the car itself is finished in lemon yellow.

All in all, it’s a very well done conversion. It would be great if someone would put the pieces into production. It’s hard to find a good used V Dub chassis these days, but potential donor Samurais are plentiful. Just the thing for the man who wants his ride to stand out from all the silver blobmobiles in the parking lot at the mall.

Source | Images: AutoWeek


Steve Hanley

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