Honda Grom Racing Seems Pretty Amazing (w/ Video)

We love the Honda Grom 125 here at Gas 2. Why shouldn’t we? Between a powerful, single-cylinder engine that you don’t need a special motorcycle license to ride (in many states), a real 4-speed manual transmission, top-shelf suspension and brake hardware, and aggressive, 7/8 scale street-fighter styling, and nearly 100 MPG fuel economy rating, what’s not to love? On top of all that high-quality Honda goodness, the little Grom seems a blast to ride on the street.

But, how is it on a track?

If the video, above, is any indication, then the little Honda Grom is a blast to ride on a racetrack, too. The race above is part of an event Texas Mini GP, which consists of classes that cover everything from 50 cc singles to 150 cc multis … and which, frankly, I’m appalled that I’m only discovering now!

I’ve reached out to the Mini GP guys, so we’ll have more coverage of those festivities soon. Until then, everyone keep buying Honda Groms, and stay tuned.


Honda Grom at the Texas Mini GP

Honda Grom Racing

Source | Images: x481x, via Jalopnik.

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