Crash ALL the Teslas in this Model S Simulator

Love the Tesla Model S, but can’t quite swing the initial starting price – let alone the $200K you need to get the Model S you really want? Join the club, amigos. Luckily for us, however, one intrepid young programmer is building us a Model S simulator that will allow us to do whatever we want with the shiny new Tesla of our dreams.

According to the game’s creator on Spanish-language blog Motorpasion, the simulator will eventually allow players to drive a Tesla Model S around their own town. Park it in their driveway. Open and close its doors. Load it with virtual groceries.

Normal stuff.

It seems, well, kind of horrible, actually. Until you take a look at the video, below, in which the Tesla simulator allows you to pit your own, cherished Model S against an oncoming hoard of Model Ss (Model Esses?) driven by what appears to be an especially volatile pack of virtual Gary Buseys. Each one, hopped up on his own unique and dangerous chemical cocktail of amphetamines, cocaine, and ‘Tussin,…


especially volatile gary busey

Like this.


… then fitted with confidence-inspiring body armor, helmets, and Depends undergarments. The opera music plays, you honk your horn, then – BLAMMO!

Death and chaos and (one would assume) battery acid rains down upon your virtual Tesla from all sides.

The graphics, gameplay, animation – they’re all pretty bad, compared to, say, a last-generation XBox. Still, until the Forza or GranTurismo series lets me go the wrong way on a heavily crowded 1-way street at 100 MPH, this guy’s project may have it beat. Watch the videos for yourself, then let us know what you think of the insanity in the comments, below. Enjoy!


Source | Images: Motorpasion.

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