IndyCar 2014: Intro to the Indy 500 (w/ Video)

Despite more than 100 years of history, there is no question that the heyday of the Indy 500 was definitely the late 1980s-1995 (you can watch the intro to the awesome 1995 race, above), before “the split” ushered in the rise of NASCAR as America’s most popular motorsport. In recent years, however, action has come back to Indianapolis, along with more dedicated sponsors, more talented drivers, and racing that is, arguably, as thrilling as ever. Even so, it is the history of Indianapolis that speaks to fans and racers everywhere, and it is a history unmatched by Monaco, one that is unrivaled by LeMans, and one that is barely aware of that other oval in Florida.

For the gear heads at Gas 2, who are enamored with the technology and efficiency of motor racing, IndyCar’s use of renewable ethanol, emphasis on smart fuel and tire management, and advanced turbocharged engines make the Indianapolis 500 an absolute thrill to watch.

For those of you who don’t get excited about the prospect of watching 33 men and women battle it out mere inches from unforgiving concrete barriers at speeds of more than 230 MPH, there is no hope. For the rest of you, this is what we’re getting ready for tomorrow. The Greatest Spectacle in Racing. The Indy 500.


Jo Borrás

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