Video: Don Garlits Gets An Official Electric Drag Racing Record

A couple of weeks ago, “Big Daddy” Don Garlits blazed down the drag strip in 7.26 seconds at 184 MPH, the fastest of any EV to date. But because he couldn’t replicate the run to within 1%, the record remains unofficial for now.

However, the National Electric Drag Racing Association has confirmed that Don Garlit’s 7.56 second, 178 MPH run down the dragstrip the same day is the quickest ever for an EV. Garlit’s record stands in the DR/A3 class, while Kristen Stacy, who also set an EV drag racing record the same weekend, will also get to hold onto her record 7.89 second sprint at 161 MPH, as she competes in the slightly-less-powerful DR/A2 class. So there you have it; everybody wins!

Don Garlits Electric Dragster Concept

Meanwhile, Garlit’s “Question for 200 MPH on batteries” drag racing team put together the above video giving us a closer look at Big Daddy and the Swamp Rat 37 electric dragster. Electric drag racing has become quite the hit with a growing group of enthusiasts eager to explore the limits of electric vehicles. With the stock Tesla Model S capable of beating a V10 Dodge Viper down the drag strip, cars as varied as classic Camaros and flyweight Miatas are getting electric drag racing conversions. Guys like Garlits are helping bring attention to a racing trend that will only grow with time.

With less than 16 MPH separating Garlits from another 200 MPH record, I don’t expect this is the last we’ll hear from him and his quiet race car.

Source: NEDRA

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