More Than 100 Tesla Model S Owners Rally In Europe


America may be home to the Tesla Model S, but Europeans have taken a shine to the luxury electric car. This weekend a gathering of European Tesla owners pulled in over 100 Model S sedans, making it one of the largest such Tesla gatherings so far.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Europe pulled together such a big grouping of electric cars, what with Tesla sales taking off countries with generous tax incentives, like Norway. The close proximity of many of these countries, along with an increased installation rate of Tesla Superchargers, meant these Tesla fans were able to come together…apparently at a zoo.

It’s rather remarkable to see a herd of giraffes traipsing among the many Model S sedans, and one has to wonder if these majestic beasts would have dared get so close were it combustion engines under the hood. The rally also managed to raise a whopping  €36,000, or about $49,300 for charity.

Tesla only began Model S deliveries in Europe last August, and already they gather in the hundreds in a display of electric force. If Tesla sales continue with this kind of momentum, these rallies will only grow in size.







Source: Tesla Motors

Christopher DeMorro

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