MINI Cooper Meets Rolls-Royce In China


This Rolls-Royce inspired MINI Cooper was spotted in Hong Kong, and as weird as it might seem, it’s actually not that far fetched since BMW owns both Rolls Royce and Mini.

I like MINI Coopers, as they are super fun to drive, especially with the turbocharged engine and a drop top. It also works well as a city car, and while admittedly today’s Mini’s are not really all that mini, they are still a lot easier to drive through tight city streets, which China has plenty of. Indeed, MINI itself has toyed with the idea of a Goodwood-inspired MINI Cooper before, but this big bold Rolls-Royce grille is an unmistakable ripoff of the storied British brand.

Could we ever really see a Rolls-Royce the size of a MINI? It’s really not that crazy of an idea, as luxury automakers are racing to embrace greener, lighter, and yes even smaller cars. How can we forget the Aston Martin Cygnet, for example? Rolls recently began work on its next-generation Phantom, which will be lighter and offer a plug-in hybrid model. Is it so far fetched that an even smaller Rolls might one day roll off assembly lines?

Times, they are a-changin’.

Source: GT Spirit






Andrew Meggison

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