Smart Electric Bicycle Gets a Commercial (w/ Video)

Smart’s pedal electric bicycle quietly debuted earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show with a $2950 price tag. The bike featured a number of clever features like a durable belt drive system in lieu of a traditional bicycle chain, built-in LED lighting, aerodynamic styling, and high-quality rolling hardware. One thing the bike didn’t have at the time, however, was a commercial worthy of its Smart badging.

As far as commercials go, this one does a great job painting the Smart bike as a connected, app-friendly, stylish accessory that happens to make cycling easier thanks to the electric pedal-boosting tech and a clever energy-recovery system. At the same time, it makes the Smart bike look like a pretty convincing alternative to trains and buses for urban commuters.

So, am I convinced?

Yeah, kinda. I really think this would be just the thing for me to ride around downtown Chicago – especially if the torquey electric motor lives up to the memories I have of riding the 2006-era Mercedes-Benz electric bicycles in Florida.


Source | Images: Smart, via Cleantechnica.

Jo Borrás

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