Developers Seek $55,000 In Crowdfunding For CNG Mustang

The developers who debuted a 470 horsepower natural gas Mustang last year are now seeking $55,000 in crowdfunding to further their efforts. The idea of an eco-friendly muscle car certainly has its appeal, but with less than two weeks left, CNG Performance is still a long way from its lofty goal.

So far most of the project has come out of the pockets of found Daryl Patrshkoff, but the next step towards production and sale of his CNG package requires $30,000 in EPA testings. That’s where a bulk of the cash will go, with another $15,000 earmarked for high performance CNG parts, and $10,000 for engineering and tuning on the dyno. As of this writing though, CNG Performance had raised just $150.

That could be due to the widespread and relatively little press the IndieGoGO campaign has gotten until now, and it seems like a longshot at this point with just 12 days before the crowdfunding effort ends. The appeal of a Made in America fuel coupled with a 2003 Mustang boasting some 470 horsepower is undeniable though, and hopefully this isn’t the last we hear of CNG Performance.

Source: IndieGoGo via Autoblog Green

Christopher DeMorro

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