Rise Of The Machines: The Driverless War Wagon


Oshkosh Defense has integrated TerraMax ground vehicle technology into their MRAP ATV to demonstrate the values driverless, vehicles on ground missions.

Basically, we just got one step closer to Skynet coming online and killing off mankind. I’ve accepted my fate, so let’s  dig into this vehicle of humanity’s demise. The purpose of the driverless MRAP would be for clearing missions ahead of ground troops. Why have fleshy humans risk their lives ahead of the convoy when a robot ATV can? Seems fair. Also the M-ATV is no piloted drone either; the TerraMax technology makes the vehicle operate independently on the drive to the intended destination, all by itself. This means that M-ATV is adaptable to battlefield weather change and obstacles without the need for any sort of human input.

The M-ATV is also highly customizable, allowing many different armor options depending on the mission.  Other fun features include ground penetrating radar to spot hidden IEDs, as well as attachable mine rollers. The driverless M-ATV is not some deep secret government sponsored vehicle either; you go and see it in action by attending the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) events during the month of May in Orlando, Florida.

The brain of the M-ATV is in the Oshkosh TerraMax UGV technology. The TerraMax technology can be incorporated into modern vehicles or easily retrofitted onto older models.  At the heart of the TerraMax technology is the idea of rapid deployment. Troops can be trained to use the technology in a few days, and one trained operator can monitor multiple TerraMax vehicles on the field. The TerraMax technology is not stopping with the driveless vehicles either; TerrMax is being integrated into other Oshkosh manned vehicles for use in electronic stability control, collision warning, adaptive cruise control, and power assist steering.

John Connor doesn’t stand a chance.

Source: truckyeah.com 



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