Lightning Motorcycles Teases LS-218 Electric Superbike


Having conquered Pikes Peak last year, Lightning Motorcycles is ready to debut the consumer version of their race-ready electric motorcycle, the LS-218. If you have an extra $38,888 lying around, and an unquenchable need for electric speed, this is your bike.

That’s a steep price to be sure, but consider the pedigree you get with your purchase. A Lightning Motorcycle the first to break the 200 MPH barrier for electric two-wheelers, topping out at 218 MPH, where the LS-218 gets its name. The LS-218 also shares the same drivetrain as the Lightning bike that dominated the motorcycle class at last year’s Pikes Peak hill climb, beating the closest conventional competitor by over 20 seconds.

You want specs? We got specs, 200 horsepower worth of specs from a liquid-cooled electric motor with up to 20 kWh of lithium-ion battery pack to back it up. 12 and 15 kWh battery packs are also available, but this is a “Go big or go home” kinda electric motorcycle, and there’s no sense in getting anything other than the best. Brembo brakes, magnesium wheels, and a host of other high-tech goodies come crammed into this zero-emissions superbike…which hasn’t even been fully revealed yet.

That will have to wait until this weekend, though it’s easy to tell from the shadowy teaser pic that the production design has stayed mostly-true to Glenn Kerr’s 2012 design. Aesthetics aside, all that really matters in a bike this expensive is performance, and Lightning has got that much all locked up with unassailable motorsports experience.

Source: Lightning Motorcycles

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