Video: Honda H2O Is Bottled Hydrogen Fuel Cell Emissions

The Honda FCX Clarity has been a rolling hydrogen fuel cell experiment for years, and Honda is ready to take the next step…by bottling its water emissions. This conversation-starting thirst quencher, called H2O, will be given to customers at Honda dealers and movie theaters to get people talking about hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Honda, like Toyota, believes that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are the best way to wean drivers off of oil, providing that familiar ability to “fill up” in a short time, but with hydrogen instead. The only emissions from hydrogen fuel cells is clean, pure water, which Honda is bottling and giving away to unsuspecting people. I mean, would you knowingly drink water pulled from a car’s tailpipe? Probably not.

The Honda FCX Clarity has been leased to a few customers in California for some time now, and the automaker appears ready to take fuel cell technology to primetime. Slated for released sometime in 2015, Honda has already begun installing fast-fueling hydrogen filling stations across California, where hydrogen cars from a variety of automakers are set to make their debut.

Who knows, maybe one day we’ll all drink water “made” by our automobiles.

Source: Honda

Christopher DeMorro

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