McLaren P1 GT Trackday Car Coming in 2015

2015 McLaren P1 GT

McLaren has reportedly begun reaching out to some of its more select clientele to offer them a more potent version of their 900 hp P1 hybrid super car– and this more powerful, more capable McLaren P1 is destined for the race track.

According to Alexander George, over at Wired magazine, the trackday McLaren P1 is going to be quite a thing to drive, indeed:

Such a machine will almost certainly sport a more potent (engine) and electric motor combo that produces 903 horsepower in the current P1. You’ll probably see aerodynamic mods designed to improve handling, and a spartan interior with little more than a seat, safety equipment and the bare minimum needed to get the car around a track in as little time as possible. Not that the P1 is any slouch in that department–the car hits 62 mph from a standstill in 2.8 seconds, tops out at 217 mph.

One question that hasn’t been answered, yet, is whether a trackday version of the 2015 McLaren P1 would keep the McLaren-built 3.8 liter engine, or switch out to a Formula 1 type 4 turbo engine built by Honda, who has an exclusive contract with the McLaren F1 team from 2015 on.

If that F1 engine in a street car thing sounds totally nutty to you, consider that Ferrari is rumored to be thinking about it– and you can always count on McLaren to do what Ferrari does.


Source | Photos: McLaren, via Wired.

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