Virgin Racing Signs Two Young Drivers To Formula E Team


Virgin Racing has signed Spanish driver Jaime Alguersuari and British racer Sam Bird to pilot the Renault electric race car in Formula E’s debut season. Sir Richard Branson is ready to try his hand at professional racing again it seems, after an unsuccessful bid to tackle the entrenched Formula One field.

Alguersuari is the taller and younger of the two, actually being the youngest driver to ever start a Formula One Grand Prix race back in 2009. Since then, he has yet to score a single podium, but Virgin Racing believes that the level playing field presented by Formula E could really give his talents a chance to shine.

Bird, meanwhile, is a newcomer to the racing field, who managed to finish second place overall in the British GP2 series, and he’s currently employed by Ferrari to race in the WEC series. Virgin is one of many teams with big names on board for the inaugural Formula E season, and Sir Branson had this to say about the pair of new drivers.

“Jaime and Sam are young yet experienced drivers and fantastic guys off the racetrack to boot. I’m delighted to welcome them both to the Virgin Racing family. Jaime has demonstrated speed and talent at the very highest level whilst Sam is a proven race winner. I am sure they will be a formidable force on the circuits, let sparks fly!”

Virgin Racing has been absent from the Formula racing field since 2011, after two unsuccessful racing seasons resulted in the sale of the team’s equipment to Marussia Motors. Formula E is a chance for Virgin Racing to step up and dominate an all new, one might even say “virgin” form of electric motorsports.


Source: Virgin Racing

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