Reborn Honda S2000 Could Be A 350 Horsepower Hybrid


The Honda S2000 has long been a favorite among Honda fanboys, and if the flyweight roadster returns, it could be as a 350 horsepower turbocharged hybrid. While these rumors are far from confirmed, a new S2000 would slot nicely into Honda’s current sports car lineup.

According to AutoExpress, Honda is currently considered a mid-range, mid-engine S2000 successor that would sit between the recently-approved Honda S660 roadster, and the Acura NSX hybrid supercar due out next year. But the S2000 will be an entirely different beast from the car we’ know, doing away with the soft top roadstyle in favor of a fixed roof and moving the engine amidship. That engine is said to be a tuned-version of the new 2.0 liter turbo, paired with a smaller, cheaper version of the NSX’s hybrid all-wheel drive system. That means a pair of powerful electric motors driving either the front or rear-wheels, as the final design is far from settled.

If Honda goes through with this though, it would make the manufacturer the first to offer a trio of affordable mid-engine sports cars. The S2000 hybrid should be fast enough to sprint from 0 to 60 MPH in less than 5 seconds, but still deliver a legitimate 40 MPG. As one of the most popular Hondas ever built, the S2000 holds a special place in the sports car pantheon, and a proper successor has a lot of hype to live up to. Sending it down the hybrid performance path seems like a no brainer to me, replicating the decisions of many high-end automakers like Porsche , which has embraced hybrids wholeheartedly.

Here’s hoping Honda is ready to make the same kind of commitment.

Source: AutoExpress

Christopher DeMorro

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