“The Oatmeal” Reviews Tesla Model S, Makes Plea To Elon Musk


Webcomic artist Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal has given his review Tesla Model S, describing it as an “Intergalactic SpaceBoat of Light and Wonder.”   Sounds accurate to me.

Inman wrote his review about 4,000 miles after purchasing his Tesla Model S with an 85 kWh battery, and one of his first claims is that any range anxiety he once had has been quelled. In fact, Inman is an unabashed fan of the Tesla Model S, save the whole “Model S” moniker, which he calls too stark. Instead he calls it the aforementioned SpaceBoat, or even better, his “Electric CruiseBeast.” Gotta love that man’s imagination.

It’s frankly a fanboy review, so don’t expect too much criticism of the Tesla…which I’m totally cool with. It’s yet another entertaining comic from the mind of Inman, though it’s his plea to Elon Musk that really got my attention.

As some of you no doubt no, Inman turned to crowdfunding last year to raise over $1 million to help preserve and restore Nikola Tesla’s old labrotory. Unfortunately, the 15-acre estate requires more like $8 million to turn into a functional museum dedicated to Tesla’s genius, which is where Musk enters the picture. Inman correctly notes that Musk is a busy man, and he’s arguably done more to propel humanity forward than any other man currently alive.

But how keen, how amazing would it be if Musk were to swoop in and help preserve the laboratory of his companie’s namesake? Nikola Tesla  was one of the greatest minds of the late 19th and early 20th century, but he died penniless and alone in an apartment, his magnificent ideas and inventions having been tarnished or destroyed by greed. With Tesla Motor’s meteoric rise, it would be an amazing piece of PR to not only restore the old lab. Who knows, perhaps even make it a place to showcase Tesla’s new take on the automobile, a modern day Motorama for Tesla Motors?

Can a webcomic convince a billionaire to part with his hard-won money? The Oatmeal is no stranger to popularity or the spotlight, so if anybody can do it, Inman can. Make sure you check out the webcomic in its entirety, it’s well worth the read.

Source: The Oatmeal

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