Future Polestar Volvos Will Use Electric Motors, Diesel Engines


The future of performance isn’t big thirsty V8 engines, but electric motors and turbodiesel motors, at least according to Volvo tuning shop Polestar. Head of Polestar Hans Baath says that electric motors perfectly compliment the lower torque of small displacement engines…and there’s no reason to look back.

Polestar became famous for its touring car efforts, and has been an increasingly influence on production Volvos. With the Swedish-Chinese brand focusing on a new line of small displacement E-Drive engines and hybrid drivetrains, Polestar pretty much has to follow suit. But the latest batch of green racing technologies means that making a fast car no longer requires a massive engine.

“Power output [of the smaller engines] is not a problem – there’s so much ‘green’ technology that is from racing, such as low friction and roller cams – and electrification is logical because low-end torque is the weak spot in downsized engines,” Baath told AutoCar. “It’s also interesting that we can use electrification to produce four-wheel-drive Volvo models.”

Electric motors, all-wheel drive, are on tap from Polestar. But what about diesels? “We absolutely see a performance diesel Polestar in the future,” says Baath. Sounds like somebody is already making a case for the Polestar Volvo  V60 plug-in hybrid.

That settles that. Did Polestar just become my favorite tuning shop?

Yup, I think it did.


Christopher DeMorro

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