Proterra Electric Bus Drives Record 700 Miles In A Day


The battle of the electric buses is heating up, and the latest “win” goes Team Proterra, covering 700 miles of driving in 24 hours, a new record. This follows BYD’s own record-setting run of over 200 miles between charges, with both bus companies showing considerable strength in what could become a huge market.

Proterra claims its test route was designed to simulate real-world bus routes in both commuter and business districts, recording an average speed of 29 MPH and with the HVAC system running. In 24 hours, the Proterra bus managed to cover over 700 miles, way more miles than most municipalities will cover in an average day. In the grand scheme of things though, it’s merely a skirmish in the larger war between Proterra and BYD.

While Proterra recently won contracts to supply it electric buses in Tennessee and Massachusetts among others, BYD seems to have locked up the lucrative left coast with contracts throughout California. Is there room for two players in the electric public transit market? It’s America vs. China in the battle of the electric buses, and there’s no clear winner yet.

Source: ChargedEVs

Christopher DeMorro

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