Recycled Hawtness: GM's Scrap Becomes Shipping Container Home

shipping container house 2

Automobiles are among the most-recycled products on the planet, but even so, not everything always gets used. To me, that just means there is room for improvement, and somebody at GM saw it the same way. This planned tiny shipping container home contains a ton of recycled and repurposed GM car parts that make for a greener living experience.

The tiny house is the result of a joint effort by GM, the Michigan Urban Farming Initiatve, TAKD Design, and Integrity Building Group. For its part, GM is donating scrap materials that will comprise about 85% of the structure. These materials include;

  • Chevrolet Volt battery cases repurposed as bird houses and planter boxes

  • Sound-deadening vehicle insulation to insulate the walls

  • Lockers used as planter boxes and tool storage

  • Small fastener containers used as plant/vegetable starter containers

  • Reclaimed plywood crates and pallets used as interior wall cladding and for some of the furniture

  • Planter boxes made from metal bins

shipping container house 1

The shipping container cost the group about $3,000, and it will take another $20,000 to $25,000 to make it into a livable home. Once completed though, an intern will take up residence to blog about the experience. In addition to the materials, volunteers from GM and UAW Local 22 are donating their time and skills to help complete the tiny recycled house by this fall.

Source: The Detroit News

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