Lord Drayson Wants To Commercialize Wireless EV Charging


Though Elon Musk gets a lion’s share of the attention these days, Britain’s Lord Drayson is just as involved in pushing the public towards electric vehicles. Lord Drayson’s latest effort in the EV world is a bid to commercialize a wireless charging system similar to the one used on his record-setting electric race car.

Drayson Wireless Limited will draw upon years of research and experience from scientists and engineers with backgrounds at the Imperial College in London, Qualcomm, Powderject, and Circassia. Drayson’s team is working on “long range” wireless transmission of about a half-meter, or 1.5 feet, while using a lightweight receiver with an energy transfer efficiency of 80% Drayson’s electric race car, the B12/69, uses a Qualcomm HaloIPT wireless charging system to keep its battery packs primed with power.

These developments could do away with our traditional notion of “plug-in” cars, reducing our refueling infrastructure to charging pads that could be disguised as manhole covers, for example. If there is anything Americans love, it’s convenience, which remains one of the barriers to EV adoption. Eliminate the need to plug in though, and refueling your EV becomes as simple as parking.

So while Elon Musk is making billions with the Tesla Model S, Lord Drayson is working to bring easy EV charging to the masses. We’ve got to get these two guys in the same room.

Source: Drayson Wireless

Christopher DeMorro

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