VL Automotive And WM Greentech Join Forces…?


VL Automotive, which plans to drop supercharged V8 engines into Fisker Karma bodies, has merged with WM Greentech, the makers of the low-speed MyCar. It’s a merger of two companies that have yet to really deliver anything to anyone except a bunch of promises and hyperbole.

With WM Greentech taking the leading, the VL Automotive-built Destino will become its own separate brand, dropping 600+ horsepower engines into the former Fisker plug-in hybrids. It’s irony of the highest order, and the merger with WM Greentech is equally baffling. The MyCar is supposed rated at 70 miles per charge and priced at just $15,500, but it can go just 25 MPH, tops. Work on the Mississippi factory began in January, but the company has (as far as I know) yet to deliver a single MyCar consumers.


Now instead of two companies, neither of which has sold any vehicles yet, we have one mishmashed conglomeration of meh? WM GTA will focus on selling MyCar, and WM Destino will focus on, obviously, the Destino. But there is literally no cohesion between a glorified go-kart and a supercharged, $200,000 supercar…but hey, that’s what you’ve got with this merger. Maybe Lutz’s deal with Fisker’s new owners fell through, and this happened to be Plan B?

Yeah, I don’t get it either.

Source: Autoblog Green

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