Video: New Smart Cars Get Tested On Frozen Lake

While sales of Smart vehicles haven’t taken off the way Daimler hoped, the next-generation of Smart cars looks to broaden its compact appeal. Watch as a new (but camouflaged) Smart ForTwo and ForFour make their way around a frozen Swedish lake in one of the final tests before launch.

Ovcious marketing aside, this is our best look yet at the new pair of Smart cars due to launch this year. It’s the first major update to the Smart line in years, and hopefully addresses some of the (many) complaints would-be buyers had with the compact autos. Namely…a jerky transmission, lack of power, dull driving experience, and all-around cheapness of the interior.

We already have some idea of what the new Smart cars will look like, as the new Renault Twingo shares the same platform as the Smart. Whether that means it handles the ice and snow as well as the camouflaged pre-production cars, I don’t know, but I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for “winter testing” videos like this. Sure, it’s not as exciting as the snow-drifting Tesla Model S, but Smart also saw fit to include a cute and perky British interviewer to offset the droning of the German engineer.

Worked for me. Any Smart fans looking forward to the next generation of compact cruisers?

 Source: Smart

Christopher DeMorro

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