Zipcar ONE>WAY To Feature The 2015 Honda Fit

Zipcar ONE>WAY service featuring the Honda Fit

Zipcar is a launching a new service called ONE>WAY, allowing people to make one way trips within cities, using the all new 2015 Honda Fit exclusively. This is a big move for Zipcar and a big win for Honda.

Zipcar bills itself as the world’s leading car sharing program, and it certainly has the best name recognition. Zipcar is at its core a rent-a car-program that you do not have to go to a store front to pick up. Instead, members simply reserve a car online and this use a special card to access the vehicle, getting rid of the rigmarole you have to deal with at the rental counter. I have used Zipcar before, and I found the service to be great, though it can get a little pricey. But if you live in a city, and don’t regularly use or own a  car, you can’t beat the convenience that Zipcar provides.

There are drawbacks however, including the need to return your Zipcar to the place you picked it up. If you’re late, it could add an extra $50 fee to the cost of your rental. Want to take a one way trip? That’s where Zipcar ONE>WAY comes in.

ONE>WAY is different from Zipcar’s successful model, but it’s still pretty straight forward. With the ONE>WAY service, you pick up a car and drive to your location or near your location where a Zipcar lot is located, drop off the car and that’s it. So, kind of like a taxi service that you drive yourself.  For example, if you need to go to the airport for an impromptu flight, and don’t know when you’ll get back, Zipcar ONE>WAY is the service for you…though it’s not alone in the car-sharing space anymore.

Car2Go is a service owned by Daimler that offers a similar service and charges $0.40 per minute, or $14 per hour, depending on the city. Car2Go currently operates in just ten cities though, and utilizes the SMart ForTwo exclusively, a car even many carless urbanites would rather not be seen in.

Meanwhile, the Zipcar ONE>WAY fleet will feature the all-new 2015 Honda Fit exclusively, a major win for the Japanese automaker seeking to connect with the Millennial segment.  The 2015 Fit is in many ways the perfect car for Zipcar’s fleet, offering an EPA-rated fuel economy rating of 33/41/36 and up to 52.7 cubic feet of cargo space, along with a host of Millennial-friendly pictures.

Source: Zipcar



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