Tesla Drops Pursuit Of "Model E" Trademark


The car the world has come to known and love as the Tesla Model E is no more, as the electric automaker has abandoned its trademark claim. What this next-generation Tesla will be called is now anybody’s guess; all we do know is it won’t be called the Model E.

Could this be a move towards a new naming structure? As stunning and evocative as the car is, the name “Model S” is neither inspiring nor easy to seamlessly slip into a conversation. The Tesla Roadster? As a whole, that actually works, though it could be replaced by the Model R nomenclature. The Model X? Again, kinda meh. But, if you put the Model S, Model E, and Model X together, what do you get?

Just take a minute with that one.

Alas, you’ll never see the Model S, Model E, and Model X deliberately placed on a Tesla showroom floor. Tesla abandoned the trademark last month, and while it may have just settled on a different name, reports emerged that Ford was also pursuing the Model E trademark…and may have a better claim to it. So where’s that leave Tesla?

Back at the drawing board, I suppose. There are at least 22 other letters to choose from, removing Model T from the drawing for obvious reasons. Model C? Model G? Will it look anything like this rendering?

Oohhh. How about…Model Y? You know, appeal to Gen Y, AKA Millennials, perhaps subconsciously? And the marketing possibilities are endless. There’s probably a drawback in there somewhere too, but I can’t think of it. Which path will Tesla choose for the not-Model E?

Source: Autoblog Green | Image: RM Design

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