Video: Kristen Stacy Sets *Official* EV Drag Racing Record

While Don Garlits may have gone faster, Lawless Racing’s Kristen Stacy is the new official holder of the “World’s Quickest EV” title by backing up her record run. The “Hammerdown” electric dragster tore down the drag strip in RIchmond, Virginia at a speed of 161.87 MPH, and  a 159.8 MPH backup run.

Because Garlits only made a single run, his 184 MPH run doesn’t qualify as an official record.Don’t expect the elderly drag racer to just give up on his quest for a 200 MPH run. But Stacy was able to replicate her success for the official NEDRA record, with a best-of run of 7.89 seconds at 161.87 MPH down the quarter-mile, breaking a record that’s stood since 2007. Better yet, there’s more power left in the Lawless dragster.


According to the official press release, Stacy used just 3,000 amps of the 4,000 amp potential, leaving plenty of room for improvement to catch, or possibly even surpass Garlits in the race to 200 MPH.  Lawless Industries has already sent its electric motorcycle past the 200 MPH mark, and with 25% more power potential on tap, it’s still anybody’s race. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for more on these two electric drag racers. In the meantime, enjoy the footage of Stacy’s official, record-setting run.

Who will be first to break the 200 MPH barrier?

Source: NEDRA

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