The Jackal Self-Balancing Unicycle Makes A Market Segment

While I’ve never considered a unicycle particularly appealing, apparently enough smart people with the time and resources do. Introducing the Jackal, a self-balancing unicycle built by Nick Thatcher, an afficiando for one-wheelers who spent his weekends putting this nifty project together…though it’s not the first of its kind.

The Ryno may have beat Thatcher to market, but you’ve got to admire this kid’s gumption. He took an out-there vehicle, gave it a gyroscope, electric motor, and battery, and came up with a 20 MPH one-wheeler that, while not perfect, is the perfect project for a college kid with a brain and a dream.

The battery is good for about two hours of roaming, depending on terrain and speed, though don’t expect to pic one up at your local Best Buy anytime soon. There appear to be plenty of kinks left to work out, including lateral balance, making even its creator work to stay balanced. But apparently there’s a niche of geeky green heads who think one wheel is all you need for a good time.

I’m loving the ingenuity of it all, with homemade EVs from Corvette-crushing skateboards to drift trikes showcasing the potential for electric vehicles…even if they are a bit bizzare.

Source: DVICE

Christopher DeMorro

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