Audi Planning E-Tron Version Of Every Vehicle


Audi is expanding its e-tron badge to all its models, one per year, until every vehicle in the Audi lineup can be had as a plug-in hybrid or EV. This move was made to counter efforts by competitors BMW and Mercedes in the electric car sphere, beginning a bit of an EV arms race among German car manufacturers.

The Audi A3 e-tron will be the first of these vehicles to hit U.S. shores next year, whereas Audi kicks things off in China with an A6 e-tron. And of course I can’t leave out the on-again off-again Audi R8 e-tron, the all-electric supercar with a second lease on life. Eventually though, Audi wants all its vehicles to have the option of wearing an e-tron badge, including the Q8 SUV, which will be modeled as a direct competitor to the Tesla Model X.

Reportedly, Audi will introduce a new e-tron model every year or so until 2020, until their entire lineup is covered. Meanwhile, BMW is focusing its EV efforts on its “i” sub brand, leading the charge with the i3 and i8. For its part, Mercedes just launched its first mass-production EV under the flagship brand, though the uber-expensive Mercedes SLS AMG Electric Drive is still on the table if your pockets are deep enough.

As for Audi fans? You’ll soon have more options than most, as Audi makes an all-out commitment to electrified vehicles, giving buyers more choice than competitors. At least that’s the idea, right?

Source: Indian Cars and Bikes | Image: Copyright Gas2

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