Video: Late Night Racing In The Nissan Leaf

Can four Nissan Leaf EVs complete a 5 km race through the center of Europe’s quietest village without waking anyone up? That’s the challenge Nissan undertook for this marketing segment, and even though it’s obviously a commercial, it manages to highlight both the quiet nature of the Leaf, and the thrilling performance it offers…in the right situation.

Nobody would call the Leaf “fast”, but the instant torque of the electric motor makes for a peppy and fun ride. So Nissan thought it’d be fun to set up a little race course through the center of an unspecified village in an unspecified country. The goal was to race through town without exceeding 100 decibels of noise, and without waking anyone up.

Did they succeed? I’m not going to spoil it for you, as this is one of the more innovative EV commercials I’ve seen out there…though this BMW i3 spot is still my favorite so far. What’d you think of Nissan’s EV marketing efforts?

Source: Nissan


Christopher DeMorro

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