Ford, Cosworth May Return to Formula 1 in 2015

2015 Formula 1 Ford Power Unit

Ford has been betting heavily on its EcoBoost lineup of turbocharged engines, stuffing the things into everything from the lowly Fiesta to the new-for-2015 Ford F150. They’ve been winning those bets, too- from the showroom floor to the straights of Sebring. With Formula 1’s emphasis on turbocharged engines these days and Ford’s desire to take on Toyota and VW in a bid to become the world’s #1 car brand, an Ecoboost-branded F1 power unit makes perfect sense.

So much sense, in fact, that rumors of Ford’s return to F1 are already flying … and the company’s quickest path to F1 lies with its old partner, Cosworth. That’s the same Cosworth who built Ford’s last F1 engine, and who has an F1-ready, turbocharged V6 power unit sitting on a shelf. Right now. Ready to have Ford stickers slapped to its cam covers. Meanwhile, the newly-approved Haas Racing F1 entry needs an engine- and Cosworth recently opened a new office in Detroit.

Despite being a match that’s seemingly made in heaven, though, Haas’ NASCAR relationship with Ford’s rivals at Chevy may be an obstacle. We’ll see how that plays out in the coming months. Until then, we’ll have to settle for some Cosworth approved photos of their prototype, and dream about what might be.



Source | Images: PURE/Cosworth, via Racecar Engineering.

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