Video: Honda Mower Takes on Famous Formula 1 Track

Honda Mean Mower Video

Gas 2 is all about bridging the gap between gear heads and green heads. You see that gap all the time at events like Cars and Coffee or the Friday night test-n-tune track days in areas where first cousins are fair game and necks have a more ruddied hue to them. That’s OK, frankly- because, despite what our friends at EVObsession might believe- until EVs and alt-fuel cars can objectively out-perform their petroleum-fueled brethren, there will always be a place for awesome vehicles packing serious, internal combustion engines. Today, we’re going to acknowledge one of those truly awesome rides: the 109 HP, 180 km/h Honda Mean Mower.

Now, you could argue that the day of EV and alt-fuel dominance has already come. Alcohol-burning dragsters have dominated the NHRA for decades, ethanol-powered street cars are consistently setting records at “run what’ya brung” events, an even the battery boys are getting into the game on every level from grass roots drag racing to LeMans. Even so, you have to admit that this Honda is something special.

“The idea for Mean Mower was to demonstrate Honda’s sprit of innovation, its motor sport heritage, and that it makes more than just cars,” says the press release. It also states that the Mean Mower was built off a HF2620 Lawn Tractor, but was re-engineered “from the ground-up” with an all-new chassis and a 1000cc engine from a Honda VT-R 1000 sportbike. Despite all the one-off bits, every effort was made to retain as much of the spirit of the original mower while improving performance. Even the cutter deck has been re-moulded in a high-strength, ultra light-weight composite!

So, the Honda’s not as green as the battery-powered Lawnbott or as quiet as Australia’s 55 MPH Catavolt electric mower- but the Honda Mean Mower will spank both of those rides on a track. To prove it, Honda took its one-and-only 2014 Honda Mean Mower to the legendary Formula 1 circuit at Spa. Here’s the video- enjoy!


Source | Images: Honda, via WorldCarFans.

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