From Poop to Pump for Half the Cost of Conventional Biogas


Whether you’re turning lead into gold or farts into fuel, taking something that has no value and transforming it into the very thing that makes your economy run has been the dream of philosophers, alchemists, and scientists since humanity first started thinking of stuff. Recently, Spain launched an initiative to do just that– but the costs have been excessive.

Enter: the Green Cross Method.

This new method is being developed on a farm located just outside of Moscow, and is currently being used to process the manure and methane from about 200 cows into a commercially viable biogas. Derek Markham, over at our sister site, Ecopreneurist, has more on the story, below. Enjoy!


New Method Converts Manure to Biogas at Half the Cost

New Method Converts Manure to Biogas at Half the Cost (via Ecopreneurist)

One of the key pieces in building systems that are more sustainable is the idea of using waste as a resource, especially those waste products that aren’t avoidable. It’s one thing to reduce the amount of waste that gets produced from processes,…


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