Scion Getting New Products, But Remaining A Youth Brand


With the exception of the Scion FR-S and iQ, Toyota’s youth brand hasn’t seem much in the way of new products, but that will all change in 2015. That’s when, according to Scion chief Doug Murtha, three new Scion models will be introduced, though the brand will stay the course with its focus on younger, hipper buyers.

Sales of Scion vehicles have tumbled, from a high of more than 173,000 in 2006 to less than 70,000 last year, and the numbers would have been worse were it not for the FR-S coupe. Meanwhile, the boxy Scion xB and xD are over seven-years old, and the iQ has fallen flat with consumers, leaving little reason to go to a Scion dealership unless you really hate haggling, or want a FR-S. Oh, and how could I forget about the…yawn…Scion tC, which would be a lot more interesting if it looked anything like the Scion Fuse concept pictured above.

But that’ll change in 2015 according to Murtha, who says three major vehicle redesigns are underway for Scion. Furthermore, the brand is going to continue to focus on compact, low-cost models, rather than going upscale the same way Kia did. The problem with that is us Millennials want value and luxury, and Scion just comes off as kinda…cheap. Want people to buy your cars? Step up your game and offer us nicier, techier interiors, and a more interesting driving experience.

While you’re at it, give me that small Scion pickup you teased a few years ago. That’d definitely get people talking, if nothing else. Also, y u no turbo!?!? And for that matter, why the hell isn’t there a Scion hybrid option? Toyota is the biggest seller of hybrids by far…so why hasn’t that hybrid tech filtered into the Scion brand?

Bad looks Toyota, but at least they aren’t giving up on the brand. What kinda cars would get you talking about Scion again?

Source: Wards Auto

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