Pocket-sized Jump Starters Promise To Revive Your Ride


We’ve all felt that sinking feeling when we turn the ignition and get no response. No lights. No sounds. No nothing. You begin to think about which friends owe you a favor, and how to tell your boss you left your lights on after getting home from the bar. You could lug around a bulky jump starter box and take care of the problem yourself, but damnit, this is 2014! There must be an easier way!

Well there is. Called the JUMPR, and made by JunoPower, this 7 oz. 139 x 75 x 15mm box houses a 6,000mAH Lithium Polymer battery that pumps out 12 volts with a 300 amp peak. It fits almost anywhere, including most handbags/purses, and is still capable of kicking “almost all 4-Cylinder and 6-Cylinder engines” back to life, according to JunoPower. The JUMPR’s main focus, however,  is its ability to charge a variety of electronics and gadgets on the go. However, high output of the device makes it quite the useful device to toss in your glove box in case of emergency, and at a mere $69.99 it’s a small investment for peace of mind.

There are, however, at least two other viable options, and those come from MiniJumpStarter.com. The $174.95 PowerBlock MJS001 features a 3-mode flashlight, carrying case, extreme cold weather protection, a trio of power outlets (USB 5V/19V/12V) with a multitude of adapters for electronics and an amperage jump up to 400, better for jumping bigger engines.


MJS’s other offering, the $144.95 PowerSlim MJS003, slims down the form factor to roughly the same size as the JUMPR. The PowerSlim includes a similar lineup of features, as it puts out the same 300 amps as the JUMPR and also includes a USB port for small electronic charging. Unlike the JUMPR, the PowerSlim includes a molded carry case and USB multi-adapter, but it’ll cost you an extra 75 clams.

MiniJumpStarter Pocket

Keep in mind this is not the end-all-be-all list and there are many others options out there. The $100 PowerGo jump starter has more than double the capacity (13,800mAhdd) than the JUMPR, and the $122 Antigravity Batteries Micro-Starter maintains not only batteries, but also a 4.5 star Amazon rating.

Another important forewarning is that these small form factors trade off functionality for convenience. A small battery like these probably won’t be able to charge up your F350, and may even have a hard time actually jumping any car. Fire hazard concerns have also been brought up with a device of this size the puts out such a high amperage.

But like any tool, use it properly, and it might just save your ass (and your job) the next time you forget to turn your lights off.

Sources | Pictures: JunoPower | MiniJumpStarter

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