Video: Toyota’s i-Road Takes A Spin Through Congress

If you didn’t think dictating national policy was enough fun for Congress, check out our nation’s representatives taking Toyota’s i-Road concept for a tour of Capitol Hill.

The Toyota i-Road is a three-wheeled electric vehicle designed for city driving based on a concept that was seen at the 2013 Tokyo Motor show. The i-Road seats one, comes in five bright colors, and get around 31 miles per charge.

Given that the i-Road is made for city living, 31 miles will get you where you need to go and back in no problem. And with the car coming in at 7 feet long, a little less than 5 feet high and only 2.8 feet wide parking won’t be a problem either. Nor is navigating the addmittedly-wide halls of Congress, where Toyota took the i-Road to demonstrate to politicians on both sides of the aisle, who seemed equally impressed with the Active Lean system.

Though the i-Road has a max speed of 37 miles per hour, it actually leans into corners, which looks wicked cool, even at low speeds. No one is sure when the i-Road will be available, but judging by the smiles on people’s faces who drive it, I’m sure the 100% electric i-Road will have a solid fan base when it does become available.

Source: Autoblog

Andrew Meggison

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