100th Tesla Supercharger Installed…In New Jersey, No Less


Last week Tesla installed its 100th Supercharger charging station in the state of New Jersey, while promising this is just the beginning. The 100th Supercharger was installed in New Jersey, which last month banned Tesla’s direct sales model. Coincidence? Irony? It’s something, that’s for sure.

In relatively short order, Tesla has installed 86 Superchargers across North America, and another 14 in Europe to reach the magic 100 number. Superchargers now allow Tesla Model S owners to drive to every corner of the country without spending a single penny on fuel costs, and Tesla claims that by the end of next year, 98% of the U.S. population will be within the range of a Supercharger station.

But this is only the beginning, as Tesla is planning rapid expansion of its nascent European network, which is focused mostly on Scandinavia and Central Europe. Then its on to China, where the lack of charging infrastructure has seriously hampered electric car sales. It will still be years before these three major markets are fully connected, but the effects of the Supercharger stations can already be felt by Tesla owners and the environment.

According to Tesla, Superchargers have offput over 570,000 gallons of gasoline, saving owners an estimated $2.3 million in fuel costs alone. Tesla Superchargers have recharged more than 14 million miles of range, enough to go around the Earth 573 times, and in the past week more than 5,000 Teslas have plugged into a Supercharger.

Now imagine what that number will be if Tesla sells 250,000 cars a year instead of 25,000. The Tesla Model E can’t come soon enough.

Source: Tesla Motors

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