Video: What the Google Self-Driving Car Sees

We’re finally getting the self-driving car we deserves thanks to Google, but how does it work? See what’s Google’s autonomous car sees in this new video. The future of driving is all pink boxes and red fences, apparently.

It’s actually way more complicated than that, though I hadn’t realized just how advanced Google’s autonomous car really is. Then I stopped to think for a minute about all the road hazards, obstacles, drivers, and pedestrians one has to avoid on even a short trip to the store. This video handily explains how the Google autonomous car handles these issues with aplomb. It all comes down to an advanced algorithm that can navigate construction zones and busy intersections with equal ease, though the system seems a bit overly cautious, to the point that I wouldn’t want to be stuck behind one.

Then again, Google’s self-driving cars are supposedly better drivers than you, me, and just about everyone else.

Though not ready for prime time, Google has kicked off a rush to develop autonomous vehicles that can handle the complications of the daily commute with minimal human input. Now imagine combining the Tesla Model S with Google’s autonomous driving technology, throw in a dash of Google Glass, and you’ve got a pretty picture of the future of driving.

Source: Google via Jalopnik

Christopher DeMorro

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