eBay Motors Is Giving Away A Tesla Model S


In yet another sign that Tesla has taken the motoring world by storm, eBay Motors is giving away a brand new Tesla Model S in an electrifying giveaway. It’s your best bet yet to win one of the best cars ever built, and all you have to do is upload pictures of your current ride for a chance to win.

The eBay Garage Electrifying Giveaway will give one grand prize winner an all-new Tesla Model S with an approximate retail value of $102,000, implying the winner will be getting a well-appointed ride rather than just a base 60 kWh variant. Ten second prizes of $100 eBay gift cards are also up for grabs, but that’s a far cry from the ultimate electric vehicle, which is replacing muscle cars as popular giveaway prize.

I have to be honest reader, I briefly debated not sharing this story with you to increase my odds of winning. How selfish would that be though? Instead, I’m here to tell you that you have until May 16th to enter, and you can increase your odds of winning by uploading pictures of your current ride to your eBay Garage profile. So unless you’re Jay Z or equally well-off, like me your only chance to own a Tesla Model S is to win one.

The winners will be picked on May 27th, three days after my wedding. A Tesla Model S would be a hell of a wedding present, though I’m already ecstatic with my new Ninja crockpot. It’s no Tesla Model S, but it is all electric! In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that somehow my entry is the one plucked from the many thousands of entries. Because who doesn’t want a Tesla?

Source: eBay Motors

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