Tesla Model S Sets Electric Road Trip Record

2014 Tesla Model S

Remember “range anxiety“? That was that thing that people who lived thirty miles away from anything that wasn’t a Wal-Mart would keep the widespread adoption of electric cars at bay. A few years on, that notion seems laughable- especially in the face of data that shows EV growth out-pacing gasoline and hybrid cars. Still, people who hear the call of the open road- like moi, but probably not Jay-Z– can feel a bit hesitant when it comes to setting out across I80 or Route 66 in an EV.

As if to make us look silly, then, a team of drivers just took a standard Tesla Model S on a 12,000 mile, 24 day road trip across 27 states to help celebrate the company’s fast-charging Supercharger network. Our sister site, Planetsave, has more on the story, below.


Epic, 12,000 Mile Electric American Road Trip in a Tesla Model S Concludes

Record Electric Vehicle Road Trip — Epic Electric American Road Trip — Concludes (via Planetsave)

The record-setting Epic Electric American Road Trip — a first-of-its-kind, 24-day, 12,183-mile journey, the longest ever taken using nothing but electric power — recently concluded when the standard-issue Tesla Model S used crossed the finish line…

Photos: Motor Trend.

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