Amphicruiser is a Recycled Toyota That Can Boat

Amphicruiser = the Classic Toyota Landcruiser that boats

Much like MechaGodzilla was built off the bones of the first Godzilla killed by the Oxygen Destroyer, the Amphicruiser is an unstoppable, amphibious Mechatruck built off the bones of an old Toyota Land Cruiser- and if you’d rather have a new Land Cruiser, you’re wrong.

Handmade in the Netherlands, this amphibious off-roader is powered by the bulletproof 4.2 liter Toyota Land Cruiser’s engine, which runs the wheels on land and powers an on-board water jet on the water. Once it gets going the Amphicruiser can cruise at speeds of around 8 MPH (7 knots), making it a more useful rescue vehicle, maybe, than speedboat or Jet Ski alternative.

So, while the Amphicruiser may not be terribly green in the conventional sense, I still maintain that there’s no better way to foster a love of nature and its conservation than to actually get out and get in it. As such, a car like this one may do more to inspire future conservation efforts than, say, the new Toyota i-Road. Maybe.

Production is set to begin later this year, with 4-door hardtop and 2-door “convertible” models being offered in Europe. No word, yet, on whether or not the vehicle will be sold in the US, but you should definitely expect a few to end up in the hands of the Netherlands’ flood and forest rescue officials. Until we get an official on sale date, you’ll have to be satisfied with some pictures- these are my favorite, found on Amphicruiser’s Facebook page. Enjoy!


Amphicruiser = Amphibious Land Cruiser





Source | Photos: Amphicruiser, via Uncrate.

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