Monster Tajima Returning To Pikes Peak In 2014


Monster Tajima is returning to Pikes Peak in 2014 for another shot at electric vehicle dominance in America’s second-oldest motorsports race. After successfully piloting his custom EV to the seventh-fastest time ever recorded at the Peak, Tajima is returning this year with dreams of ultimate glory.

Tajima is no stranger to Pikes Peak, having taken nine first-place finishes in the Unlimited Class before making the switch to an electric drivetrain. In 2012, Tajima’s first electric effort fell short when his race car caught fire early on, forcing him to retire. Last year he made a triumphant comeback though, knocking down a record-setting 9.46:530. That’s the first sub-10 minute time for an EV at the peak.

In short order, electric vehicles have quickly become the top contenders at the Colorado mountain race, with Lightning Motorcycles taking home top honors in the two-wheeled class last year. Tajima has some major ground to make up on the heels of Sebastien Loeb’s ridiculous record-setting run, but the Monster of the Mountain surely hasn’t returned to settle for second place.

He won’t be the only EV on the mountain though, as Yokohama’s zero-emissions racer will be returning to do battle. There will also be plenty of contenders boasting traditional drivetrains, though the advantage of electric motors in thin air can’t be overstated.

Can the monster bring an EV to the top of Pikes Peak in record time…again?

Source: PPIHC

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